Throwback Thursday

Here are some shows I used to watch!

Definitely one of my top favorite shows. I used to pretend that I was Milli. Highly recommend.

I loved this show with all of my heart and then I forgot it existed for 3 years. Im great at remembering things.

Come on who doesn’t love this show. I also forgot this existed until it blew up on social media. Thanks TikTok.

Looking at it now it terrifies me I really don’t understand why I loved this. I think I tried painting myself yellow to be like them. Ew.

Yesssss! Queeen! I love love loved this show. I had all the Strawberry Shortcake games on my kindle. Me and my sister would fight over who could have a certain favorite character.

This show made me feel like I was the best ballerina around. Spoiler alert I was not but it made me feel special.

20 things I want to do before 20

1. Go to Paris

2. Go on a road trip with my friends

3. Get better at sewing

4. Learn to knit or crochet

5. Own a Ferret

6. Own a snake or lizard

7. Have 2 dogs

8.Go to college

9. Have a job

10. Own a house

11. Go on a cruise

12. Own my own car

13. Get straight A’s

14. Still be playing soccer

15. Live somewhere with a beach nearby

16. Own a samoyed

17. Stay in theatre until the end of high school

18. Have a screen protector that isn’t broken the day after I get it

19. Not have dry hands

20. Have a class with nobody annoying

Here are links to sewing classes, cruises, car dealers, samoyed puppies for sale, and houses for sale.

How-to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

In order to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich you will need to get two pieces of white bread (preferably not the ends), a butter knife, a jar of peanut butter, and any jelly you want (NO JAM this is a peanut butter and JELLY sandwich). First, you put your two bread pieces on a paper towel because your counter or table is gross. Second, you open the peanut butter jar. Third, you get your butter knife and scoop some peanut butter up and spread it on one piece of bread. Then, you clean your butter knife and open the jelly. Next, you scoop the jelly onto the other piece of bread and spread it around. Once you have done that you will clean the knife and put it away. Now is the almost best part, you put the two pieces of bread together. If you want to be fancy rap your paper towel around the bottom half of the sandwich and fold the extra and tape it to the paper towel. Now you can eat your wonderful creation or give it to someone.

This was my how-to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I hope you enjoyed it!


How COVID-19 changed things for me

COVID-19 happed so fast and changed almost everything in my everyday life. I had to do online school instead of in-person school and that was a challenge for me because I have ADHD and the smallest of things would distract me even if I was medicated. Even travel was different. For example, my family was planning to go to Hawaii and Universal Studios but we had to wait until just last year to be able go. I think its safe to say that these last few years have been really crazy but I still made lots of amazing memories and new friends.

Top 10 gifts to get your 14 year old daughter/friend will love

                                               Top 10 gift ideas that your 14 year old daughter/friend will love

1. Name necklace

2. Initial bracelet

3. Photo clip light string

4. Rings

5. Bath bombs

6. Face masks

7. Fairy lights

8. Moon lamp

9. Makeup mirror

10. Makeup

All of the gift ideas that are listed can be found on Amazon. All the ideas are links to the idea on Amazon. I hope that you found this top 10 gift idea post helpful and enjoyable. Keep in mind that these are just general ideas and things I would want. Not every person likes the same thing so I suggest asking what they want and if they want anything on this list then you can use the links on this page to find them faster.

My trip to Hawaii

I went to Hawaii last summer and fell in love with the beautiful scenery and tropical feeling. I went to Maui and one of the first things that I did was going zip lining in the  beautiful green rainforest. Its a great way to have fun and appreciate nature all at the same time.


But that’s not the only good thing about this tropical island. You can go to the beach or get shaved ice. My personal favorite is the many places you can go snorkeling including snorkel trips where they take you out to reefs that are not super close to the mainland.  

My Family


This is my Dad. He works as a lawyer.            This is my Mom. She is a stay at home mom.


This is me. I play competition soccer.                   This is my sister. She does swim team.

My top 10 Lizards

  1. Leopard Gecko
  2. Bearded Dragon                  
  3. Crested Gecko                    
  4. Gold Dust Day Gecko         
  5. Five-Lined skink                  
  6. Shark                                  
  7. Chameleon                         
  8. Iguana                                 
  9. Monitor Lizard                     
  10. Worm Lizard                      

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